Na Leo Pilimehana at Waikiki Shell

Na Leo Pilimehana Tickets

Neal S. Blaisdell Center - Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell | Honolulu, Hawaii

Na Leo Pilimehana

There is no doubt that Hawaiians love their own and this fall, their very own female group extraordinaire Na Leo Pilimehana will be serving the season’s most sensational banger! Enjoy top rated vocals as the State’s biggest selling all female group brings the house down over at the Waikiki Shell! The open field venue is guaranteed to serve as a fantastic destination for beloved family and friends gatherings and music showdowns! On Saturday 21st September 2024, fans will be celebrating their love for music as Na Leo Pilimehana belts out their exhilarating staples, like “Flying with Angels,” “Local Boys,” “I Miss You,” and the rip-roaring anthem, “Waikiki.” Spectacles as fantastic as this don’t really happen too often so if you’re up for great music and the company of kindred spirits, you better make sure that you score your access early! Hit that Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

It’s no exaggeration when we tell you that tickets to this roaring showdown at the Waikiki Shell are moving at lightning speed! It’s Hawaii’s best selling female group that will be lighting up this iconic venue. Wherever this trio goes, they’re sure to pack in listeners by the thousands! The ukulele wielding ladies are currently celebrating their 40th anniversary. Yes, there’s great history behind the music! They’ve been rocking the island since 1984 and this 2024, they pay homage to a commercially successful music career that not only belted out the most fantastic traditional tunes but also promoted the rich culture and heritage of Hawaii.

At the eve of fall on Saturday 21st September 2024, Na Leo Pilimehana will be serving up a storm of hits. This is your opportunity to experience the lively set from the brilliant trio. They have been around since 1984, so you’re sure to receive a thrilling live set with superb vocals. These music vets have been singing about their love for their home and this passion is very much evident in critically acclaimed titles, such as “I Miss You Hawaii,” “Flying With Angels,” “The Rest of Your Life,” and their best selling hit, “Local Boys.”

The trio, comprising Angela Morales, Lehua Kalima, and Nalani Jenkins, along with a slew of special guests are sure to turn up the heat at the Waikiki Shell. These terrific ladies are known for their sizzling harmonies, and melodies rooted from traditional Hawaiian music. Besides being brilliant vocalists, these performers are surefire to impress audiences with their stellar ukulele prowess! The set is anticipated to be dynamic, unpredictable, and sure to have the most memorable set of melodies you’ll ever hear over at this island state.

For this brilliant spanking showdown, Na Leo Pilimehana is a fantatic live act perfect for families. The Waikiki Shell’s vast concert grounds provide attendees with plenty of space. Whether you want to secure some reserve seats or station yourself at the lawn you’re sure to receive clear and crips sound thanks to its state-of-the-art sound and light production. The venue is also equipped with complete facilities. Ultimately, you’ll enjoy its superb atmosphere - with its striking backdrop of the impressive volcanic tuff cone, the Diamond Head and lush green lawn space for play and leisure.

Hurry, this is your chance to feel the rich culture and music of Hawaii! Secure passes now through the Get Tickets link before it’s too late!

Na Leo Pilimehana at Neal S. Blaisdell Center - Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell

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