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Neal S. Blaisdell Center - Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell | Honolulu, Hawaii

Phil Wickham & Brandon Lake

The world-renowned worship leader Phil Wickham and Grammy Award-winning artist Brandon Lake just announced the massive return of "Summer Worship Nights". Recalling a time when a line of security guards accepted Christ at one of their previous shows, Lake circles back to why they do these kinds of shows - it's about bringing people closer to having a relationship with Jesus, to make a great impact in their lives. Now, they stand committed to the mission of making His name known. Part of this year's upcoming nights of worship include a special stop at Waikiki Shell on Wednesday, August 28. This is amazing grace! Two of the best artists in the contemporary Christian music scene is calling believers to gather and share a moment, laying all worries down as they lift all their praises up. With Jesus at the center of it all, celebrate Faith, Hope, and Love at Summer Worship Nights by booking those tickets now!

Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake are reuniting for the 2024 Summer Worship Nights Tour. In a video posted by Transparent productions, Lake and Wickham are seen jamming to "Praise You Anywhere" as they drive around in Lake's car.

"Who’s taking a road trip to SUMMER WORSHIP NIGHTS this summer?!?!" Lake posted on Instagram with a roster of dates scheduled this August.

As the heat turns up, believers are all set to lift those praises high. In an interview with Christian Headlines, Brandon Lake recalls a time when security guards at their previous Summer Worship Nights show had "an encounter with God." Having launched the tour last 2023, the men of faith asked the audience to raise their hands if they'd like to "start a relationship with Jesus or to rededicate their lives," Lake noticed the crowd to his left having some sort of a commotion. Turns out, a line of security personnel all raised their hands.

"Many believers there that night ran forward and celebrated with the security guards," Lake recalled "It was just really cool. Because that’s why we do this. It’s not to entertain. It’s to see people have an encounter with God."

The special moment happened in the first year they launched the Summer Worship Nights tour. Now, they're filled with purpose and inspiration to carry on with their calling of bringing people closer to Christ. Kicking off another trek this summer, they look forward to transforming families and lives across the country. Going back to how those guards started following Jesus, Wickham said "That’s a sign to me of like, ‘Thanks, God, you’re in this."

Last August, Wickham released his tenth LP "I Believe". It features his chart-topping worship hits "Sunday Is Coming", "The Jesus Way", and "This Is Our God". Talking about the goal in mind they had in making the album, "Write a declaration of faith in Jesus, full of joy and life that we could sing with the Church," he shared. Two decades in the industry, the man has stood his ground, never ashamed of the gospel.

Some of Phil Wickham's greatest hits and church-favorites include "Living Hope", "Battle Belongs", "This Is Our God", "Till I Found You", and "This Is Amazing Grace".

Brandon Lake, the Grammy Award-winning Christian worship leader, songwriter, and pastor, is bound to share the stage and bless audiences as they share God's love. From crowdfunding his debut LP "Closer", the man is truly blessed to share his personal hymns that strike the heart. His worship hits include "Just Like Heaven", "Run to You", "I See You" with Chris Tomlin, and "Gratitude".

In a conversation with Faithwire, Lake feels blessed with "Gratitude" soaring the charts. "And God has just been breathing on it ever since, and I get to tour this song and sing it with thousands of people and it’s just really cool that ‘The Chosen’ had such a huge part to play in really just one of the main worship songs that the nation is singing now.”

Sharing how he didn't really see something special in the song when it first came out, "sometimes God brings other people into your life that see things that you don’t yourself, and that is the story of this song," he explained. Now, we're all truly grateful for this personal track and how God does indeed work in mysterious ways.

The altar is calling. Get ready to lift your praises hight at Phil Wickham and Brandon Lake's Summer Worship Nights. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there..." - Matthew 18:20

Phil Wickham & Brandon Lake at Neal S. Blaisdell Center - Tom Moffatt Waikiki Shell

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